Septic System

What to Be on the Look out for

Common Septic System Problems

A septic system is a big tank specifically for human biological waste. These are created to hold biological materials until bacteria is able to break them down into water, gas, or solids. The most common problems which arise when materials, such as non-biodegradable products like grease and oil, do not break down fast enough and excess water is introduced to the system. This will result in blocked drains. Fortunately, there are some measures which could prevent such system issues.

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Gases which build up within a septic system are disbursed via vents. The water will be released through tubes into a leach field, which is a series of perforated underground pipes. These, in turn, will release the water into a gravel bed under the ground. Solid materials which do not decompose need to be regularly pumped out. Septic system issues can happen when vents or drain pipes get blocked or damaged or when a tank gets too full of waste.

Common system problems include materials or chemicals which a system is not made to handle. For instance, non-biodegradable products like feminine hygiene products, diapers, or paper towels will not degrade naturally. Plus, phosphates from everyday household detergents will encourage algae growth which will also clog up pipes. One solution will be to switch to liquid detergents as these usually contain little, if no, phosphates.

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Excess water will also create system problems, due to the fact it prevents solid wastes in a tank from breaking down properly. One solution is to stagger jobs which call for large quantities of water to be used at once, such as laundry. Instead of doing all of the laundry in one go, do a load every day, and stagger it over a period of days. Plus, shower heads and toilets in low flow varieties use much less water and can help too. Because many septic systems are underground, it’s an excellent idea to call a professional septic systems firm to come and evaluate or repair any issues which may arise, or to perform routine maintenance.

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