Tips to Help You Avoid Some Common Plumbing Issues

Common Cases When You May Require the Assistance of a Licensed Plumber.

The topic of our post today is common plumbing problems – most precisely, avoiding such problems. In it, the most experienced plumber from the qualified team of A-1 American Roto-Rooter will explain to you which plumbing issues occur more often during the cold winter months, and he will also provide you with some suggestions on what you can do yourself in order to eliminate them.

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Blocked drains and toilets. Here are some of the most common reasons for these problems:

  • Foreign objects or debris. This mainly involves sanitary products which are not supposed to be disposed in a toilet or too many paper tissues that can cause a clog, especially in properties with low water pressure.
  • Broken pipes. Leaks that cannot be immediately detected are much more hazardous than burst pipes because the problem will not be fixed immediately and can damage your property for days before you notice.
  • Incorrect pipe installation. If you hire a freelancer or a less experienced plumber to install your plumbing system when your home is built, you risk to experience all types of plumbing problems only a few years after its construction has been finished. This is a major problem, and you may need to invest a lot in order to get it resolved. Keep in mind that the more you wait, the bigger the problem will get.
  • Heavy rains or storms. Nature is totally unpredictable. Clogs due to natural disasters may appear anytime, no matter how durable your plumbing system is. This is why it is a good idea to make a water- and fire-damage home insurance.

Leaky plumbing fixtures

  • Repairing them on time can save you as much as 10,000 gallons of water per year.
  • You can do it by frequently checking your water meter when you are not using water, examining your faucet gaskets and pipe fitters, and of course, checking your toilet bowl for leaks.

Frozen pipes

  • To prevent this problem, you can consider one of the following options: re-routing, drainage shut off, pipe insulation with plastic or tape, leaving hot and cold taps to trickle during the coldest winter days, etc.

If you already suffer from any of these problems and you need the urgent help of a local, well-qualified and inexpensive qualified, and inexpensive plumber, you can refer to our company for a consultation. You can dial our office number in Roseburg, OR and speak to one of our team members anytime you need help!