Signs That Your Shower Water Pressure Needs Adjusting

Common Causes of Low Water Pressure and the Plumbing Repair Needed to Fix the Problem.

Here are the most common problems that suggest your water pressure needs adjusting:

Plumbing Repair

  • Pressure regulator. Your pressure regulator is usually preset by the manufacturer at 45-60 psi. Pressure regulators can go bad, warranting replacement or service. Replacing the regulator yourself can cause even more problems. Call a licensed local plumbing repair specialist to handle the job for you instead.
  • Mineral buildup. Mineral buildup is more common for older houses which still have galvanized iron pipes. The main problem with mineral deposits is that they build up and constrict the free flow of water. Hot water and horizontal pipes can make this problem even worse. A water specialist can tell you exactly what repairs are needed.
  • Leaks. Any size of leak will negatively affect water pressure. Read your water meter, and if you believe that there is something wrong, turn off all of the taps and do not use them or a few hours. If your water consumption has increased when you check the meter afterward, contact a plumbing repair specialist to inspect your pipelines.
  • Peak usage. If everyone in your home uses water at the same time, the pressure could be low at upper levels of the house. If you do not want to try changing the habits of your family members, then you’d better install a constant water pressure well pump. It will provide you with automatic adjustment to satisfy all your water needs.

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